FirstLine Therapy Testimonials

My name is Elizabeth and I am a 26 year old woman. I am a Physical Education teacher at two small Catholic schools on the North Side of Chicago. I found out about the FirstLine Therapy (FLT) program through my doctor. I was referred to the program because my C Reactive Protein levels (CRPs) were too high (14), which is an indicator of inflammation. I was also tired a lot and it was hard for me to have energy to do things after work. I made the decision to participate in the FLT program because my doctor said I would have more energy, feel better and it would also help the inflammation.

Having a Lifestyle Coach in the FLT program has helped me achieve my health goals. It has taught me that I need to eat a minimum serving size from nine different categories every day. I need to eat every 3 hours and eat a certain number of calories per day. It emphasized the importance of working out, including cardio, stretching, and resistance training every week. It has helped keep track of my progress and provides someone to check in with who encourages me to keep going and never give up. I have not tried other programs of weight loss, but this program is working for me because it is about changing my whole lifestyle, not just what I eat. The program has helped me a lot, I have a lot more energy, feel much better, my CRP level has dropped 7 points, and I’ve lost a total of 14 inches and 30 pounds in just 5 months. An additional bonus is that my blood pressure went from 126/75 to 102/65. The most important thing is I am proud of myself for changing my life and making healthier decisions.



My name is Barbara and I am a 57 year old woman. I was introduced to FirstLine Therapy (FLT) through my primary physician due to health concerns related to prevention of diabetes and high blood pressure. My glucose level was above normal after fasting and my blood pressure was starting to creep up to 129/82. Despite being on previous weight management programs, I was not losing weight and my energy level was very low. When my blood work was tested my readings were found to be high. That along with two other criteria led to the diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome. I was very concerned about how this could be turned around and the FLT program was recommended to me as the best approach to reach that goal.

I had tried Nutrasystem, Seattle Sutton and Weight Watchers in the past with occasional success but could not sustain the results over time. I was exercising five times per week and still not seeing any significant improvement in weight loss or energy level. I was aware that something else needed to be adjusted but was unsure of just what that adjustment would be since I was already involved in a weight loss program. It just wasn’t working for me.

When I met with my FLT Lifestyle Coach to discuss the program, it made a lot of sense to me that I had to approach my health concerns from many approaches: food intake, nutritionals, exercise, sleep and stress management. We discussed the science behind effective nutrition and weight loss that other programs simply did not address. After a few weeks of being on the program, I found that I was already responding and feeling much better. Eating every three hours and not starving myself has totally become my lifestyle. I’m never hungry and feel like I’m eating healthier than I ever have in my life. Over time on the program, I have lost weight around my waist, I am experiencing increased energy levels and my lab tests and blood pressure (112/76) have gone to the normal range. Prevention of diabetes was my biggest concern and I have achieved that. For the first time I feel that FLT and my Lifestyle Coach are helping me program myself for a lifestyle I can truly stay with for the rest of my life.



Hi, my name is Linda and I am 39 years old. The FirstLine Therapy (FLT) program was recommended by my internal medicine doctor. At the time, I was fatigued, often felt sick after eating, was unable to get out of bed in the morning and in general, I felt I always had low energy. FLT appeared to be a way to improve my overall health and I was interested in learning more about the FLT program.

My oldest son has Autism. I have spent years focused on his diet and wellness. Before my eyes, he has changed dramatically for the better through diet and supplements. It has been a miracle! Now I want to focus on my own health and wellness. In the past, I had tried the Atkins diet but found it to be stressful. FLT seemed to be more about making a lifestyle change that I could follow forever. It would also help me to slow down my aging process.

Having the guidance of an FLT Lifestyle Coach, Helen Stein, helped me to adhere to my individualized meal plan, exercise, sleep and to practice stress management. It was a great way to help make the program a way of life. I now naturally love the foods on the program. I even eat vegetables in my breakfast. My children are eating the same things I am. It is great for the whole family.



My name is Patricia and I am 62 years old. I was referred to the FirstLine Therapy (FLT) program through my doctor, Dr. Vesna Skul. I had my annual checkup and was overweight, my cholesterol LDL had risen to 175 within the last year, and my energy levels were not what they should have been. I was ready to change my eating habits and improve my exercise routine and I asked my doctor for advice. She recommended that I begin the FLT program and I started just a few weeks later.

I have never been part of a structured program before, although I have used the South Beach Diet at times. I found that eating on the FLT plan gave me more energy than the South Beach Diet did.

Having Helen Stein as a Lifestyle Coach really helped keep me on track. She was always positive and supportive. All of our sessions were informative and motivational. I now understand the roles that vitamins, healthy eating and exercise play in my entire well-being. If I felt that I was going to go off the program, even for one meal, I would think about what her reaction would be and that helped get me back on track.

When I began the program I noticed an immediate increase in energy. This motivated me to join a health club and get serious about exercising. Within a few months I had lost weight and inches, and reduced my cholesterol LDL from 175 points to 134 in just four months. I not only felt better physically, but mentally as well.

I really don’t think of FLT as a program anymore, but rather as a way of life. I highly recommend the FLT program for anyone who wants a better quality of life.



My name is Renee and I am a 57 year old woman. The FirstLine Therapy (FLT) program was recommended to me by Dr. Vesna Skul and it has been a life changing event for me. It made me realize that I have control over my body with regard to food. I now feel wonderful. I believe I had acid reflux and within three days of following the FLT plan it disappeared.

Eating every three hours has been the most significant change. I was a person who only ate once a day. Eating every three hours keeps me on an even keel all day. By eating every three hours you need to plan how you are going to eat. This has not been a chore for me, but more of a challenge -- in a good way. I enjoy seeing how my body reacts to different foods at different times of the day. Eating within 30 minutes after getting up is now a habit, but it was the hardest adjustment for me to make. I now enjoy having my protein shakes in the morning.

With the FLT program I threw away the scale. I am not obsessing about weight, but am interested in my blood pressure results. My blood pressure has come down beautifully from 153/84 to 112/63. And as a plus, I have lost 37 pounds and a total of 18.25 inches in just four months! For exercise I am using the 10 minute Pace program recommended by FLT staff. It is easy and quick to do.

When I go off the eating plan, it has been very easy to start again. This is important for me to say because I have always been an all or nothing person. This program has put me more in the middle of the road with a new lifestyle that is easy to live with and yields great results.



My name is Kelly and I'm a 25 year old woman.  I started to think about the FirstLine Therapy (FLT) program several months ago when it was first suggested to me by my doctor.  I had told her that I was having problems sleeping and was often experiencing aches and pains.  I decided to participate in the FLT program so that I could become truly educated and take charge of my health and well being (to the extent possible). 

 While I have always considered myself a healthy eater and an athletic person, I found it extremely beneficial to have my Lifestyle Coach, Helen Stein, checking in on me and helping me make informed decisions.  I have learned a lot from Helen, including the benefits of nutritional supplements, different types of exercises and stretching, stress management techniques, and how to achieve  a balanced diet.  After just my first meeting with my Lifestyle Coach, I started to pay more attention to the foods I was eating and even how often I was eating.  I started using the stress management techniques right away and felt better equipped to manage daily stressors.  I was getting a better night’s sleep and began to feel noticeably more energetic. 

 The FLT sample menu plans and recipes make it much easier for me to plan my meals and pick out the right foods from the grocery store or restaurants.  I have also changed my perspective on what constitutes a "workout" and when/where I can fit one into my day.  To this day I feel more confident in my ability to take care of myself and I have been feeling much happier.  I now have the tools to incorporate the FLT principles into my every day life and tips from my Lifestyle Coach make it easy to remember and follow them.


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